Many of us in the IT field have had the experience of customers complaining to us that this “technical thing” is broken. In turn we then usually try to narrow down the issue by replying, “Define … broken?” This site is an effort to provide some of the lessons learned, code I’ve written to solve some of these issues, and other IT related posts to share with others.

My name is Scott Haas and I’ll be your designated driver for this ride. For 20+ years I’ve been working in the IT field going from modems/bulletin boards to the modern virtualized datacenters. Yes, I still call our server facility a datacenter. Feel free to call your local datacenter a private cloud if you like. I’m still set in my ways and have not been swayed by marketing quite yet.

Please note that I am not a full time writer so updates may take time to develop. Also, I may drift outside of the normal posts from time to time but the main focus will be related to IT.

As we journey forward I hope that these postings help you in some small way, or at least provide food for thought. Working in IT can be repetitive at times so perhaps these posts can illuminate the dark corners of our jobs.