Blog is a personal blog detailing some of the experiences of being an IT Engineer. Many of us in the IT field have had the experience of customers telling us that this “technical thing” is broken. In turn we then usually try to narrow down the issue by replying, “Define … broken?” This site is an effort to provide some of the lessons learned, code I’ve written to solve some of these issues, and other IT related posts to share with others.


My name is Scott Haas and I’ve been working in the IT field for 20+ years in various roles providing and maintaining solutions for different environments across the compute, storage, and networking landscape.

I’m currently a Principal Systems Engineer working in the Computing Services department at Carnegie Mellon University, focusing on our virtualization efforts within the datacenter.


  • Cisco (CCNA)
  • Microsoft (MCP 2012/CTS 2008/MCSA 2003/MCSE 2000/MCSE NT4)
  • VMware (VCAP5-DCA)