The information below is a living document about the use of Microsoft’s Windows Server 2016. As always, double-check the official documentation as this page may beĀ out of date over time.

Installing VMware Tools

  1. Mount the VMware Tools ISO
  2. Login to console with admin rights
  3. To find the ISO drive Mount: get-psdrive
  4. Run Setup: :setup.exe
  5. You might need to minimize the Powershell screen to see the installer window
  6. Reboot: restart-computer

Setting Static IP

  1. To find the current Idx number for the NIC you want to modify: netsh interface ipv4 show interface
  2. To Set Static IP: netsh interface ipv4 set address name="" source=static address= mask= gateway=
  3. To Set DNS: netsh interface ipv4 add dnsserver name="" address="" index=1

Renaming Computer

  1. To see the current Name: hostname or ipconfig
  2. To Rename: netdom renamecomputer /newName:
  3. Reboot: Restart-Computer