Listed below are links to other sites that I’ve found useful.

Audio and Video

Name Comments
VMware Communities Roundtable Audio Podcast


Name Comments Information on using LogInsight
Virten.Net’s VMware Release Tracker Page List of VMware releases and links
Virtu-Al’s PowerCLI vCheck Report Scripts Handy PowerCLI daily report script for health checks and such. Modules make it easy to learn how some of the queries are done if your just starting out in PowerCLI

Pure Storage

Name Comments
Pure Storage Mgmt Pack for vRealize Operations vRops Mgmt Pack for Pure Storage


Name Comments
Tools Version Mapping Text File Compares the differences between VMware’s guest tools and ESXi versioning systems

VMware KBs

Name Comments
Update Sequence for vSphere 6.5 and it’s compatible VMware products Order of operation for upgrading all of the interconnected products

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