While updating my home lab I ran into an error while patching the ESXi hosts with Update Manager.

The error given was:

The host returns esxupdate error code:15. The package manager transaction is not successful. Check the Update Manager log files and esxupdate log files for more details.

Since these hosts boot off of small USB drives, I figured it was a space issue with one of the partitions. I connected to SSH and started looking at the disk space usage by running df -h. I also ran the command several times while attempting to patch which then showed that the disk space was quickly rising on a VFAT partition. Once it reached 100% disk full the patching operation would then fail and the partition usage would drop back down to 47% used.

I looked into that partition and noticed there was a /vmfs/volumes/vsantraces folder with a bunch of old vsantrace– and vsanObserver– files that had dates from when I had been testing VSAN.

The VMware KB linked below confirmed that I could delete those files since I didn’t need them at this point.

Constant “VFAT volume is full” warnings in the log for a volume that is not full (2148087)

Once the files were removed update manager happily patched the host and rebooted cleanly.

Just something to look out for if you happen to have limited disk space and have extra trace files lying around.

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